Animal Welfare

Commitment to Science…Respect for Animal Welfare

New Avon Company (“Avon”), with operations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and through affiliation in Canada, has a deep respect for animal welfare and does not conduct animal testing.  Avon does not conduct animal testing on its products or ingredients, nor does it ask others to do so on its behalf.

Avon is a strong advocate of both the ethical and humane treatment of animals and the protection of human health and safety.  Our products are developed utilizing alternative testing methods such as extrapolations from existing data, computational modeling, in vitro (test tube/cell culture) testing and clinical tests with human volunteers to ensure both their efficacy and safety.  

Consumers can be assured that Avon has not tested on animals any product carrying the Avon name sold in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. These products have undergone rigorous and thorough safety evaluation and can be used with the utmost confidence.

New Avon Company is a privately held company, established in August 2019, which manufactures and distributes products under the “Avon” name in the United States and Puerto Rico, and through affiliation in Canada.
New Avon Company is a separate company – a wholly different legal entity - from Avon Products, Inc., which is a global publicly traded corporation, operating in countries outside the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.