Core Competencies


Focus on the Representative by displaying outstanding efforts to provide value and superior service.


Working and celebrating together to achieve Avon’s objectives.


Approaching difficulties with boldness and bouncing back quickly after setbacks. COMMIT Believing in our decisions and actions by getting things done then quickly assess the needs of Representatives, consumers and the organization and effectively executes products/services.


Possesses an expertise in their field and displays noteworthy performance over time, including significant personal development.


Independently utilizes creativity and critical thinking skills to bring innovative ideas/products to life; adds quality to the workflow to improve overall performance of the team/organization. Thinks outside of the box and challenges the status quo.


Leadership Competencies


Pursuing the organization’s objectives with pride. Persuading, convincing and influencing others in a way that instills trust and inspires confidence and commitment.


Creating a supportive environment where people want to give and do their best every day. Motivating others to achieve and to continuously learn and develop.