Working At Avon

Join our 130-year-old start-up!

We invite you to explore our unique environment of empowerment and inspiration. In March 2016, New Avon LLC (Avon) became a private company, majority owned by Cerberus Capital Management, when Avon’s North American business separated from the global, publicly-traded company, Avon Products, Inc. Today, we have the benefit of being an iconic brand with a history of empowering women, the energy and innovative mindset of a start-up, and the investment needed for growth!

CREATE with us…

It’s an exciting time to join Avon. We are rapidly reinventing one of America’s iconic brands, and building a modern experience for our Representatives and their customers.

Working in a “startup” environment, you will be presented with new challenges every day. Unlike opportunities at established companies, where your job is often to execute already created plans with a narrow focus, in our environment you will contribute to building many things from scratch. Help us sell through social media, bring new technologies and business models to life, improve our products, and reach new markets.

We are looking for change agents who have fresh ideas and are inspired by the opportunity to build Avon’s future.

GROW with us…

As our company evolves, so will your opportunities for career growth. The innovative nature of our business presents many exciting opportunities to take on broadening projects and goals. We also value collaboration and working across disciplines, which ensures employees gain exposure to our entire business operation.

Working in this type of environment is a great way for recent graduates to quickly acquire experience and continue learning, while doing real work that has an impact in a dynamic environment. For those more established in their careers, it’s an opportunity to regain passion and build upon existing skillsets to help create something new.


We create opportunities for our Sales Representatives across North America and have a history of empowering women. Our Representatives have their own motivations and incredible stories as they work to achieve personal success building their Avon businesses. These stories range from providing pocket money, to putting children through college; from earning trips to travel the world, to lifting people out of poverty.

Our work directly impacts our Representatives’ lives. We are more than a beauty company.

WIN with us…

We are all committed to making Avon the BEST social selling beauty company in North America, and have a sense of responsibility and community in building our legacy.

Imagine how proud you will feel being part of the team that reinvents an American icon. Take a look around and discover for yourself the beauty and inspiration of a career with Avon!

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